Time honoured pasta recipes from Omar Casali’s kitchen at Mangio: Slow Food for busy people.

With just 25 days until we open the doors of new gourmet Pastificio Mangio at St Paul’s in London, Head Chef Omar Casali shares a few of his time honoured recipes to bring a taste of Italy to your home.

We are on a mission to bust the myth that slow food takes hours with a few simple easy- to -prepare recipes.


1 egg = 100grams of tipo ’00’ flour

Rich organic eggs and high grade “00” flour – soft, fine-sieved durum wheat described in Italian as tender – are all you knead to make our pasta. Work it thoroughly, until smooth and silken, fine and light enough to fill.

Tortelli di patate, rosmarino e bacon croccante (Potato Tortelli with rosemary and crunchy bacon)

Serves 4 people

200 g of flour, 2 eggs, 200 g potatoes, 20 g rosemary, 50 g oil of olive, 40 g bacon, 150g pumpkin, 1 shallot

Mix flour and eggs and leave the pastry for one hour wrapped in a towel. Boil potatoes and once ready peel and mash with flour and egg mixture and dress them with oil. Chop the Rosemary finely with salt and pepper . Roll the pastry until it is really flat and cut in Tortelli size, stuff the pastry and cook quickly in boiling water. Drain after 2/3 minutes and place in a pan with the pumpkin cream* and garnish with browned bacon.

Ravioli di olive , broccoli olio e Pecorino ( ravioli stuffed with olive , broccoli oil and Pecorino )

Serves 4 people

200 g plain flour, 20 g of taggiasche olives, 2 eggs, 200g green broccoli, 1 bay leaf, 1 clove garlic, 100g aged sheep’s milk cheese

Mix the olive with eggs and combine with flour and leave them for one hour wrapped in a towel. Steam the broccoli and then place in a pan and gently brown with oil, garlic and infuse with bay leaf for an hour. Then take the mixture out of the pan and chop finely dressing the mixture with some of the grated Pecorino, making sure to save some to garnish at the end. Roll out the pastry until it is really flat and cut out 7 cm square Ravioli, stuff the pastry and boil them in water with salt. After 4/5 minutes drain and place in the pan with the remaining Pecorino. Ready to serve.

Notes to editors:

Mangio, a new gourmet Pastificio in the heart of St Paul’s opens on Monday 15 December bringing the art of stuffed pasta to the city.

This unique eatery offers a unique mix of Italian Deli, Pastificio (fresh pasta shop) and gourmet, fast-food dining and has talented Chef Omar Casali at its helm.

Casali, who writes a weekly food column for Italian broadsheet supplement D Repubblica, will be taking up a six month residency at Mangio following a successful season at restaurant Mare Cesenatico, Italy where he is renowned for his innovation and versatility.

Mangio brings to Londoners based a unique slow food approach to takeaway fare – sure to delight foodies with its authentic Italian experience that brings a taste traditional hand made stuffed pasta to the capital.

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