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Pasta & Bottega

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Delicious, traditional handmade filled pasta served every day in minutes.
Serving the finest fresh pasta and coffee to takeaway or eat in.

You can order directly from our website for pick-up or delivery.

Our London shops are located near St. Paul’s & Russell Square.

Gourmet Italian Takeaway food


We fill our fine, silky, fresh handmade pasta with beautiful Italian ingredients with seasonal, organic ingredients every day. Light and fresh or slow-cooked and comforting, every  pasta parcel is made to perfection. Served either hot to eat straight away, or packaged for you to takeaway and cook at home in minutes with one of our gourmet sauces.

Hand cured deli meats and fine cheeses which are integral parts of a true Italian table are also offered  alongside nutritious fruit and vegetables. Our classic Pasta and Bottega London shops provide beautiful selections of the finest produce from Italy’s rich heritage for a fuller Italian experience.

Our chef, Omar Casali has been named as one of Italy’s most inventive chefs. Having learned the beginnings of his craft in his nonna’s kitchen (the heart of any Italian home) he has honed his expertise at some of Italy’s top restaurants, including Mare Cesenatico and as Head Chef at Le Giare. Uniquely innovative yet with a deep love of and respect for traditional methods, he creates dishes that are exciting and heart-warming. 

mangio italaian flag pasta londra bottega london

Our Motivation

Nostra Motivazione

Our passion for fresh food, Italian tradition and wonderful flavours have equal places in our hearts. When we realised that the best pasta in London was usually only available in high-end Italian restaurants, we set out to provide that same taste experience but make it more accessible and just as good. 

Mangio Bottega London are known for the best London Bridge Pasta and our fast pasta  takeaway service comes with love and attention that quality needs. 

mangio italaian flag pasta londra bottega london


mangio italaian flag pasta londra bottega london

Firmly positioned in the city of London near to St Paul’s cathedral, walk along St Peter’s Hill towards the Millennium Bridge. Mangio’s is on the right hand side.  Our fresh filled pasta’s been so popular we’ve opened another London Pasta shop. 

If you’re Googling fresh pasta delivery London, we’ve got your pasta takeaway and delivery covered! 


You can order directly from our website for pick-up or delivery. 

Or for delivery only, please use Deliveroo or UberEats

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MANGIO Pasta & Bottega Food – Fresh Pasta London

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